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Code Registar Decription Success Working?
cjc1499cnt GoDaddy 50% off at .Cn Domains. 14.99$ for first year.Price for first year only.Renewal price is 29.99$. 100 Yes   No
cjcdeal37 GoDaddy Save $20 off your order $100 or more 100 Yes   No
cjc20host GoDaddy Save 20% on Shared Hosting Plans. Not valid for renewals 100 Yes   No
fbhost15 GoDaddy 15% OFF* our Web Hosting plans 100 Yes   No
dec2010a GoDaddy Register 5 or more .INFO domains for just $0.49 each 100 Yes   No
SPRING50 GoDaddy 50% off hosting plans 100 Yes   No
MAYDAY GoDaddy $5.99* .COM domain - up to five new .COMs for first year only. May not use gift cards, PayPal(c) or AliPay to redeem this offer 100 Yes   No
bb5020d5 GoDaddy GoDaddy: GAM749 .NET .ORG .BIZ – up to 54% off (min 40$) 100 Yes   No
SCOTT495 GoDaddy Good for three .com domains at $4.95 (can only be used one, offer expires July 1, 2013). 100 Yes   No
iap199 GoDaddy $2.17 Plus ICANN fee of $0.18 per domain name per year. $1.99 price for the first year of one new or transfer .COM per customer 100 Yes   No
cjcfw295c GoDaddy $2.95* .COM Domain (requires credit card payment) 100 Yes   No
SAS15ORDER GoDaddy $15 Off $75+ 100 Yes   No
GO20OFF GoDaddy 20% off 100 Yes   No
gd5518ax GoDaddy Save 33% on .com domains 100 Yes   No
KOV618 GoDaddy 10$ code discount for - KOV618 100 Yes   No
BCU0786 GoDaddy 10% off iHerb Promo Code - BCU0786 100 Yes   No
cjc689FAT GoDaddy $7.49 .coms 91 Yes   No
PIXEL14 GoDaddy ENTER CODE TO GET .BIZ/.NET/.ORG DOMAIN NAMES FOR $7.99 Работи при някой и при подновяване 90 Yes   No
ECON11 GoDaddy 3 Months Economy Hosting at GoDaddy for $1.99 89 Yes   No
LEAKED32 GoDaddy Save 32%* on your order 88 Yes   No
WEASEL30 GoDaddy 30% off .com 86 Yes   No
BBCN10AF GoDaddy Save 20% on your purchase of $40 or more! 86 Yes   No
fbfhome20 GoDaddy 20% OFF your order of $75 or more 83 Yes   No
gd50bbd30 GoDaddy take 10%* off everything else in your order 83 Yes   No
fb3dom10 GoDaddy 10% OFF* our regular prices on .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, and .US domains 83 Yes   No
gdbba994 GoDaddy 15% discount on your total order 83 Yes   No
LKSRTLSSL GoDaddy $15 - SSL certificate 83 Yes   No
cjc199x GoDaddy .com for only $1.99 (with credit card) 83 Yes   No
99luv GoDaddy 0.99$ domains - only for the first year and paid with credit card 83 Yes   No
99COMS GoDaddy $0.99 for .com domains and some other 83 Yes   No
WEASEL1 GoDaddy 10% off your purchase 82 Yes   No
emma3 GoDaddy any new .com domain for $7.99 80 Yes   No
emma30 GoDaddy 30% off .com domains 80 Yes   No
cjcssl12t2 GoDaddy Save more then 50% on SSL CERTIFICATES! 80 Yes   No
goft932e GoDaddy .COMS just $2.95* per year up to 3 domains! Additional .COMs just $7.99* per year! 80 Yes   No
emma35 GoDaddy .com domain for $7.99 78 Yes   No
fbDomain10 GoDaddy 10% OFF* our regular prices on .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, and .US 78 Yes   No
IAPTDOM1 GoDaddy .com for 7.49$ 78 Yes   No
emma25 GoDaddy 25% off any order >100USD 75 Yes   No
fbgdhome20 GoDaddy 20% OFF* of $75 or more 75 Yes   No
gds0827h GoDaddy 25% off on orders of $75 or more 75 Yes   No
FBFDOM10 GoDaddy 10% OFF* our regular prices on .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, and .US domains 75 Yes   No
fbServer15 GoDaddy 15% OFF Go Daddy® Servers (VPS and dedicated) - new and renew 75 Yes   No
NC3D13 GoDaddy enjoy 20% OFF your order of $60 or more 75 Yes   No
Secret35 GoDaddy save 35% off .COM, .NET or .ORG! 75 Yes   No
cjc749chp GoDaddy 7.49$ .Com domain registration (not for Renewals) 75 Yes   No
fbhome25 GoDaddy 25% OFF* your order of $75 or more 75 Yes   No
weasel412 GoDaddy .com for only $7.67/ €5.63 75 Yes   No
495JULY GoDaddy 5$ domains 75 Yes   No
go32off6 GoDaddy 32% off any Orders 75 Yes   No
FBTGT9 GoDaddy $0.99 Domain Name Registration 75 Yes   No
GDBBE1026 GoDaddy Save 30% Off Your Order of No Minimum! 75 Yes   No
yhkw105a GoDaddy .com = $7.49 73 Yes   No
BIGGAME1 GoDaddy 1$ domains: .com, .us, .mobi, .biz, .net, .org, .ca, and .in (works only with credit cards) 73 Yes   No
cjc689DOM GoDaddy $7.49 .com/.org domains 71 Yes   No
DJOFF20 GoDaddy 20% off all products renewals 71 Yes   No
OYH2 GoDaddy $5 off a $30 purchase 67 Yes   No
emma50 GoDaddy 50% off domains 67 Yes   No
cjctld749 GoDaddy $7.49 .Net .Org .Biz domains 67 Yes   No
GDBB310AC GoDaddy SAVE 20% off $65 or more 67 Yes   No
gdbba72965 GoDaddy take 20%* off your order of $65 or more 67 Yes   No
gdbb80520 GoDaddy SAVE 20% off $75 or more 67 Yes   No
NC3D17 GoDaddy Register as many .COM domains as you would like for just $7.99*/yr – plus, we'll include Private Registration for FREE 67 Yes   No
fb30tld GoDaddy 30% OFF* our regular prices on .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, and .US domains 67 Yes   No
fbf30tld GoDaddy get 30% OFF* our regular prices on .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, and .US domains 67 Yes   No
fbhpa25 GoDaddy 25%* OFF for all products and services 67 Yes   No
cjc599V GoDaddy $5.99 for new .com domains 67 Yes   No
GDBBREN8 GoDaddy 10% off .com .info .net .org .mobi renewals 65 Yes   No
499domain GoDaddy 1 year, new domain name registrations or transfers for $5.17 63 Yes   No
gdr0506t GoDaddy $15 on your order of $75 or more 60 Yes   No
fbtran15 GoDaddy Transfer your domain now for as little as $6.99* and get a FREE 1-year extension+ 60 Yes   No
gda934s GoDaddy 30% off any available .com/.net/.org 60 Yes   No
holiday99 GoDaddy Get a $0.99 .COM for Holidays Limited to one domain per customer 60 Yes   No
WINTER199 GoDaddy Register any available domain (.com, .us, .mobi, .biz, .net, .org, .ca, and .in) for just $1.99! (only for the fitst year, one per account, not for renewal, for first 10,000 redemptions) 60 Yes   No
WOWOMFG GoDaddy 20% Discount 60 Yes   No
gdbba547 GoDaddy GoDaddy Renew. 20% off 60 Yes   No
cjc749dom GoDaddy 7.49$/€6.63 .Com Domains (Register, Renew, transfer) 59 Yes   No
DNF2 GoDaddy lower renewals to $7.39 (add 0.20 ICANN fee) 58 Yes   No
BUYCOM99 GoDaddy 99 cents ($0.18 ICANN fee) new domain name registrations for .com, .net, .org, .net, .biz & more 58 Yes   No
ZINE3 GoDaddy .com renewals: $7.49 + $0.20 57 Yes   No
CJCEB99X GoDaddy 0.90$ for new .com domains 57 Yes   No
cjcfw149 GoDaddy .com for only 1,49$ 57 Yes   No
BB2086D30 GoDaddy 30% of any renewals 57 Yes   No
gd31134bc GoDaddy 35% OFF new and renewal orders 57 Yes   No
emma4 GoDaddy domain for 2.70GBP for the first year 50 Yes   No
FACEBOOK5 GoDaddy $5 any domain 50 Yes   No
FB30off GoDaddy SAVE 30% COM, .NET, and .ORG domains or renew your current ones! 50 Yes   No
gda946a GoDaddy 22% Off your order 50 Yes   No
GOBBLE GoDaddy 1$ transfer .COM, US, .MOBI, .BIZ, .NET, .ORG, .CA, .CO.UK and .IN 50 Yes   No
NEWYEAR11 GoDaddy Register or transfer any available .COM, .US, .MOBI, .BIZ, .NET, .ORG, .CA, .CO.UK and .IN domain for just $1.49 50 Yes   No
PRESIDENT GoDaddy 1-Year Domain Name Registration for $1. Available for .COM, .US, .MOBI, .BIZ, .NET, .ORG, .CA, .CO.UK and .IN ( Plus ICANN fee of 18 cents per domain year) 50 Yes   No
INDY129 GoDaddy .NET domain for only $1.47 50 Yes   No
fbdom25 GoDaddy 25% Off Domains - .COM, .NET, .ORG and more - до 8 юни 50 Yes   No
BBCNAA GoDaddy 20% OFF your next order of $40 50 Yes   No
scott249 GoDaddy .COMs just $2.49 per year! Additional .COMs just $7.99* per year! (offer expires May 31, 2013). 50 Yes   No
TECH249 GoDaddy domains for 2.49$ 50 Yes   No
199nuts GoDaddy $1.99 for a .COM - new or transfer 50 Yes   No
gd50bbpd5 GoDaddy $7.99/€5.58 or €7.43 .com and .Net Renewals! 47 Yes   No
gdbbe994 GoDaddy 31% off coupon code can be used for any godaddy products include the hosting, domain, SSL, Private Registration, Site-Building, etc without limitation, vps, servers 47 Yes   No
199DOMAIN GoDaddy $1.99 for one domain, the 2nd domain will be not be applied (removes the PayPal or Gift Card payment option). Only works once per account 45 Yes   No
cjc30wd1 GoDaddy 30% of all 44 Yes   No
emma2 GoDaddy 20% off any order >30USD 43 Yes   No